Case studies

Auto Insurance Tracking Company
Industry - Insurance
Automation and Digital Transformation using AI driven BOTs
Digital Consulting Company
Industry - Consulting
AI powered customer 360 solution for digital customer experience enhancement
Water Technologies Company
Industry - Utilities
IOT enabled solution to help increase productivity
Internet Solutions Company
Industry - Software
Transforming network experiences for users using Machine Learning on AWS
Digital Trust & Saftey Services
Industry - Cyber Security
Build a Data Pipeline to partition the data in AWS Redshift table to while guaranteeing no loss of ingesting data
American Tobacco Company
Industry - Tobacco
Re-Platforming of the Data Warehouse to the Cloud as the on prem Teradata warehouse has hit its limits and limitation
Nationwide Logistics Operator
Industry - Logistics
The purpose was to build an AWS Data lake with Data sources using Salesforce, Oracle RDBMS, Twitter, LinkedIn and ClickStream.