Executive Summary:

Security Benefit was founded in 1892 and has a nearly 129-year track record of delivering successful insurance services. The Company offers life and health insurance, retirement plans, annuities, mutual funds, and related services. Security Benefit Life Insurance serves customers in the United States.

Customer challenge

Security Benefits, a leading company in the financial industry, faced the critical challenge of safeguarding their valuable data stored in AWS S3 buckets from the ever-increasing threat of ransomware. With the rise in sophisticated cyber-attacks and the potential devastating consequences of a successful breach, Security Benefits sought an effective solution to proactively protect their sensitive data assets and ensure uninterrupted business operations. They required a robust and scalable approach that could fortify their S3 infrastructure against ransomware attacks while maintaining seamless data accessibility for authorized users across their organization.

Partner Solution

ITTStar implemented the solution to this project by solving mainly four requirements.

  • Terraform templates utilized within GitLab for automating setup of S3 bucket, Lambda, CloudTrail, Event Bridge, and Simple Notification Service.
  • Deployment of Lambda, CloudTrail, Event Bridge, and SNS on AWS was achieved via GitLab pipelines.
  • The primary objective was to rapidly alert customers about ransomware-triggered changes to S3 configuration as per organizational requirements.
  • This proactive approach strengthened security measures and minimized potential risks.

Why AWS?

AWS provides cloud services that are safe, dependable, scalable, and budget-friendly. Using Terraforms user-friendly tools and wide capabilities, the customer has strengthened their S3 system against ransomware. This ensures that approved users across the organization can access data easily and without interruption.

Why Securit Benefits chose ITTStar?

Security Benefit chose ITTStar as their trusted partner in their digital transformation journey. They wanted an expert partner for data-driven innovation. ITTStar's unique approach to solving complex infrastructure and security problems using cloud-native services and their ability to drive innovations attracted the customer to partner with them. As an AWS Select Partner, our confidence comes from our understanding of how to integrate AWS services into our solutions, combined with our broken-down approach to solving holistic business challenges.

Impact & Result

  • Automated end-to-end process of deploying Lambda, SNS, CloudTrail, Event Bridge with terraform and python increased the speed, and efficiency.
  • Reduced the time of configuring services needed for S3 ransomware alert and safeguarding the valuable data in AWS S3 buckets.

About Customer

Security Benefit is a 130-year-old Kansas-based retirement company that has grown over the years to become one of the fastest-growing companies in the US retirement market. A combination of innovative products, superior investment management, and a unique marketing strategy has made Security Benefit the leader in its comprehensive range of retirement markets and wealth segments.

Customer Testimonial

  • "We use ITTStar for our SQL database support. Their expertise in SQL database tech has been excellent."

    – Sharat Akula

  • "ITTStar has shown knowledge of AWS as well as SQL server. They helped us through a large project to move to AMI-based licensing. Prakash and Chandan on the team have been very attentive to our requests."

    – Regina Vinyard

  • "Courteous and prompt services in all requests. Great knowledge in database related areas."

    – JS Huang

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