AWS Cloud's image Recognition
Image Recognition Technology Powered by AWS
Unlock the Future: Transforming Analog to Digital with Image Recognition on AWS Cloud
AWS This Is My Architecture
ITTStar features on AWS' This Is My Architecture series
How ITTStar built a unique search and discovery model using AI for a startup in the luxury goods industry.
AWS HealthLake
AWS HealthLake- A Practitioner's Primer | ITTStar Webinar
In this webinar, the audience learnt about What is HealthLake? Why is HealthLake important for a healthcare organization? How does HealthLake augment data analytics and AI? How can HealthLake facilitate seamless data storage, transformation, extraction, and analytics?
ITTStar Webinar
Accelerating Analytics with Amazon QuickSight
Data source compatibility | Slick and smooth SPICE Engine Portable - It can be accessed at anytime and anyplace Flexible - No space constraints | Smart interactive visualisations Self-service analyses | Highly scalable.
Amazon QuickSight Demo | ITTStar Consulting
Want to know how QuickSight Works?
You can connect to any of the data sources discovered by Amazon QuickSight and get insights from this data in minutes.
Webinar Snippet
Webinar co-hosted by ITTStar & AWS
Snippet of the webinar where the speakers presented How small and medium businesses accelerate growth with AI & ML.