Seamless transformation from information to action

ITTStar helps customers derive deeper value from data through cutting edge solutions

Our approach starts with defining the metrics that are key to a business or function. A team of data analysts and SME's use various qualitative and quantitative techniques to segment the data and correlate with specific outcomes. The hypothesis is translated into visualization and analyzed for accuracy and relevance. We work with leaders and end users to create quality decision making solutions. We provide a rich analytics experience tailored to your apps, portals and website with no servers or infrastructure to manage. We can easily pull data from various sources and integrate quickly to obtain a complete picture of your business.

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For insurance companies to stay profitable, they need to keep constant track of the claims being made for their different policies.


Interactive dashboard to see performance of different brands, profile buyer segments and understand the sales funnel.


Churn prediction model which assists telecom operators to predict customers who are most likely subject to churn.


Visualize the best and worst performing stocks and allow quick analysis using historical and real time live data using KRADL services

Our Superpowers

ITTStar's expertise in various technologies and platforms allow delivery (in some cases) within 10 days. Our solution allows integrating with any number of data sources on a need basis without compromising on the quality and performance. Our master data management policy allows handle multiple sources of truth.

Here's how we add value !

Focus on reduced complexity and increased transparency
Flexible and innovative approach towards problem solving
Turnkey approach for developing end-to-end development
Rapid development of custom solutions

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