ITTStar and AWS makes business intelligence available to all

QuickSight embedding makes it easy to provide a rich analytics experience tailored to your apps, portals, and websites. With no servers or infrastructure to manage, QuickSight is designed and priced to grow with you. Complimented by the ecosystem of services such as Amazon Kinesis, Redshift, Aurora DB, DynamoDb and Lambda (KRADL) aws helps with better business decisions.

Our Superpowers

Using Amazon QuickSight, we help businesses create and publish interactive dashboards on browsers or mobile devices. Our Data Architects will help you extract actionable insights from diverse data sets - structured and unstructured; in transit or at rest; generated in real time and at a large scale allowing you to make timely decisions using modern technology stack and AWS-managed services like Amazon EMR, Redshift, Kinesis, and Elasticsearch. Our solution allows embedding analytics insight to any applications, predicting outcomes, collaborating on insights with machine learning, thus providing customers with powerful self-service analytics

ITTStar delivers business impact using Embedded Analytics

Meaningful data
Enable swift
action, real time
Make informed
Scale quickly


Global Work Force
Industry - HRMS Employee Management Portal
Manage and optimize the productivity of Employees.

Digital Consulting Company
Industry - Consulting
Solution with multi-level prediction & analytics for deeper understanding into customer patterns

Providentia Learning
Providentia Learning - Foresee a Brighter Academic Future
Continuing education to expand their digital learning and digital classroom experiences.

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