Cyber Hygiene: Best Practices for Preventing Cyber Incidents
Explore essential cyber hygiene practices to safeguard your digital world. Learn preventive measures and best practices to avert cyber incidents and fortify your online presence.
The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Cyberattack Detection and Recovery
Uncover the transformative power of AI and Machine Learning in strengthening cybersecurity. Stay ahead with ITTStar's AI-driven defense strategies.
Disaster Recovery Planning: A Comprehensive Guide for Cybersecurity Incidents
Discover the ultimate Disaster Recovery Planning guide for cyber resilience. Leverage AWS with ITTStar's expertise for business continuity
The Rise of Ransomware Attacks and How to Defend Against Them
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Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry: Challenges and Solutions
Elevate patient data protection and discover how ITTStar, through tailored AWS solutions, addresses the unique cybersecurity challenges in the healthcare industry.
Exploring Innovations and Trends in Cyber Defense
Explore the cutting-edge landscape of cybersecurity with ITTStar! Dive into the future of digital defense and recovery to stay ahead in securing your digital assets.
Industries in High Demand for Disaster Recovery Systems
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What Are The Best Practices To Be Followed To Safeguard Your Applications On AWS Cloud ?
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VDI and Disaster Recovery: Ensuring Business Continuity in Finance and Healthcare
Explore how VDI ensures seamless operations in finance and healthcare during crises. Learn how ITTStar's solutions prioritize business continuity and data security.
Balancing Security and Productivity: VDI Best Practices for Financial Institutions
Unlock the perfect harmony of productivity and security for financial institutions with VDI. Dive into best practices for safeguarding sensitive financial data and boosting efficiency with us.
Why Immutable Backups Alone Aren't Sufficient in the Battle Against Ransomware ?
In today's digital age, data is indeed the new gold. Your client and proprietary information hold immense value for cybercriminals. While having a robust backup strategy is reassuring, the harsh reality is that even a comprehensive backup plan won't shield you from data loss in the clutches of ransomware.
Unlocking Healthcare Access: The Power of VDI in Telemedicine
The world of healthcare is evolving, and technology is at the heart of this transformation. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is playing a pivotal role in redefining how we access healthcare services, and it's more significant than ever.
Image Recognition and OCR in Healthcare: Transforming Patient Care and Beyond
Discover how Image Recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies are reshaping the healthcare industry.From accurate disease detection to streamlined administrative processes, these technologies, in partnership with AWS cloud services, are paving the way for a smarter, more efficient healthcare system.
From Pixels to Insights: The Role of Machine Learning in Image Recognition and OCR
In the dynamic landscape of technology, Machine Learning stands as the catalyst for reshaping our interaction with images and text. Do you know how this revolution is transforming digital experiences like never before? Let's deep dive with the following pointers:
Revolutionizing Healthcare: Unleashing the Power of AWS Cloud
Discover how AWS cloud services are transforming the healthcare industry, empowering providers with scalability, security, advanced analytics, and cost efficiency. Explore the benefits of AWS in healthcare and how it's driving innovation for better patient care.
Boost Diagnoses, Improve Care: Discover the Power of AWS Medical Imaging!
Unlock the potential of advanced analytics, scalability, and collaboration in medical imaging with AWS Cloud.Enhance patient care, optimize diagnoses, and drive healthcare innovation.
Unleash the Power of Cloud with AWS Migration
ITTStar technical solution empowers organizations to unleash the power of the cloud through AWS Migration. This comprehensive solution enables businesses to migrate their workloads, applications, and data to the AWS cloud, unlocking the benefits of scalability, agility, and cost efficiency.
DevSecOps Practices
DevSecOps is a trending practice in software development. It integrates security at every stage & combines with the Agile & DevOps workflow. Read about DevSecOps Tools, implementation, and more.
Unleash Your Potential: Multi-Cloud for Infinite Horizons, Hybrid Cloud for Seamless Synergy!
Embrace Multi-Cloud for unparalleled flexibility or opt for Hybrid Cloud to achieve the perfect balance of agility and control, tailoring your cloud strategy to meet every unique need.
Cybersecurity Practices
According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), 28% of all data breaches in 2020 occurred in small businesses. This means that out of the 5,250 confirmed breaches last year, 1,470 were against a small business.
Amazon Chime
AWS Chime is a fully managed service that runs securely on the AWS cloud. Chime is a communications service that transforms online meetings with an application that is secure and comprehensive.
A successful business needs 2 things. Solid data and solid people. The issue at hand for many companies is the speed and complexity of data will quickly eclipse the speed of people.
PowerBI Embedded Analytics
Business Analytics and Intelligence have become very imperative areas in today’s world, which helps in turning irrelevant data into meaningful information.
Why you need a Modern Data Platform
Modern companies generate large volumes of data from their web-based and device based digital applications, along with core operational systems.
4 questions to ask before you decide
If Cloud Managed Services is the answer, what is the question?
Adding Value with Embedded Analytics
In this blogpost, we will explain why embedded analytics is important.
Deep Dive into Amazon Quick Sight to discover the insights from Airbnb Public Dataset
In our previous blog post, we transform data from csv to parquet using AWS Glue then used Amazon Athena for analytics and used Quick Sight for data experiences.
Deep Dive into building Chatbots using Amazon Lex
In this blog, I will walk you through the whole process of making chatbots using Amazon Lex and Lambda function.. experiences.
Leveraging AWS services for Data Transformation to Visualization
In our previous blog post, you have seen how to make data available directly from S3 bucket to Spice Engine for visualization using Quick Sight.
Migrating Data from Data Warehouse to Redshift using AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) and Data Extraction Agent
In this blog, I will explain the components and configurations that are required to migrate data from a Data Warehouse to Amazon AWS Redshift.
Creating a basic data visualization with Amazon QuickSight
In this Amazon QuickSight introduction, I will show you how to build a dashboard and make basic data visualizations.