Executive Summary

The Accushield sign-in and health screening kiosk was designed by Executive Directors to help Senior Living Communities, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals know who is in their buildings, enabling the creation of a safer and healthier environment. Accushield’s tablet-based kiosk replaces the manual paper logbooks with a streamlined sign-in and health screening process for all visitors, staff, third-party caregivers, and residents who enter and exit the building.

Customer challenge

Integral Senior Living's outdated visitor management system, relying on paper forms and manual processes, struggled to handle the surge in demand brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to slowdowns, outages, and security risks. Additionally, their applications hosted on Heroku faced performance bottlenecks in a pre-built AWS QA environment, hindering scalability and a smooth production migration. They needed a thorough root cause analysis of their AWS infrastructure to optimize performance before going live.

Partner Solution

After gaining access to the QA environment, ITTStar DevOps team identified performance bottlenecks and limitations in the original testing approach. We switched to Locust for accurate load testing and determined that the application's monolithic code structure was better suited for an EC2 environment. Extensive testing led to the recommendation of an EC2-based architecture, providing detailed results and cost comparisons. Ruby on Rails applications were deployed on EC2 instances within an Auto Scaling group, using KMS-encrypted EBS volumes and exposed via an ALB. NodeJS and Angular applications were deployed in ECS, and CI/CD pipelines were established using CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy. CloudFormation streamlined infrastructure provisioning (IaC). Finally, our team used DMS to migrate databases from Heroku Postgres to AWS RDS, addressing compatibility issues to ensure data integrity.

Why AWS?

Accushield chose AWS as their platform for the application due to a number of reasons. These included:

  • The ability to easily auto-scale in both a server and serverless environment
  • Complete integration of a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CICD) capability
  • Ability to include an integrated and layered security methodology
  • Overall stability of the platform

Why Accushield chose ITTStar?

We won this customer through experience, solid processes, and our strong customer service ethos.

ITTStar has previously worked on migrations from Heroku to AWS and this, combined with our strong skill set around DevOps won us the business. We also won with our dedication and service to the customer, which was very well received and praised.

Upon completion of the successful migration, the customer said “ITTStar integrated extremely well with the Accushield team and provided first rate experience. Their ability to plan and react quickly during the deployment phase of the project allowed us to ensure we were entirely successful”.

Accushield had already made the decision to migrate to AWS, but there were significant issues on the original configuration. ITTStar utilized a structured approach to testing the environment and was able to develop a much better overall architecture that met the client’s needs. In addition, by taking the time to audit their security posture, ITTStar was able to greatly improve overall solution security and provide Accushield with a much more robust solution than they originally designed.

By taking a holistic approach to design and utilizing the AWS Well Architected framework, ITTStar was able to not only meet but exceed the customer’s expectations.

Impact & Result

ITTStar's unique solution transformed Accushield's business functioning in the following ways:

  • Accushield has performance issues using there application Ruby on Rails in heroku platform. Application, Database and all associated services migrated to AWS
  • Scalability - Accushield now can serve upto 20k users per second using AWS services ELB, RDS, ECS and EC2.
  • Performance - Post migration, more than 30% of improvement observed in response times and zero errors during peak hours
  • Security - Application was protected using AWS WAF and all the best practices are followed to protect Application and DB

About Accushield

Accushield is a leader in Kiosk – based health screening technology for Hospitals, Skilled Nursing facilities, and Senior living facilities. .

The Technology allows these organization to know who is in the facility and create a safer and healthier environment.

Customer Testimonial

" Our team at Accushield worked with ITTStar to complete our successful AWS migration. The ITTStar team maintained a diligent, detailed, and professional approach through the entire migration, from planning to execution to follow up. ITTStar always made us feel as if we were one team working to achieve a common goal. We recommend them highly! "

ITTStar's team has been one of the best:

  • Provided scalable cloud solution - The performance has been fantastic. We've had zero downtime.
  • Reduced security and compliance risk.
  • Leverage our data with advanced analytics

Sreekanth Gongalareddy, Chief Technology Officer, Accushield

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