Executive Summary

WFS We are experts in the processing and transporting of goods, working closely with their customers to ensure special temperature control and security requirements are met.

Customer challenge

The customer was facing huge costs associated with managing and maintaining their current on-premise environment. This setup required in-house server hardware, software licenses, integration capabilities and an army of in-house IT experts to support and manage the day to day activities. Since the resource and infrastructural costs to maintain and run this environment was running high day by day, the customer wanted to move from this on-premise to a cloud computing environment which was best suited for them. They wanted to lift and shift their applications and servers to a safe and secure cloud environment.

Partner Solution

ITTStar implemented the solution to this project by solving mainly four requirements. To solve this business challenge, the customer partnered with ITTStar to set up their migration factory. ITTStar's goal was to enable the smooth transition from on-premise to cloud using AWS. ITTStar started with bringing all servers in customer's environment to AWS using Server Migration Service. ITTStar enabled necessary permissions for SMS, and installed the AWS SMS Connector virtual machine (VM) on Client on-premises environment. Using SMS Connector gathered information about your servers, such as their configuration, applications, and dependencies. Create a replication job and Configure replication settings and then Start the replication. Finally Test the replicated servers and schedule a cutover window to perform the final migration. Lastly Initiate the cutover process, AWS SMS will stop the replication, launch the new EC2 instances, and perform the final data sync.

Why AWS?

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) provides a simplified and streamlined approach to server migration allowing you to migrate your applications and data with minimal downtime and the process of replicating your servers, including data, configuration, and applications, to the AWS Cloud. This automation helps reduce the risk of human error and ensures a consistent and reliable migration process. SMS seamlessly integrates with other AWS services. It understands the relationships between different components of your application stack, ensuring that all dependencies are correctly migrated to AWS. SMS provides flexibility in choosing the target AWS region for your migrated servers. It also allows you to scale your applications in the AWS Cloud using AWS services like Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing, enabling you to handle varying workloads and ensure high availability.

Why WFS chose ITTStar?

ITTStar conducted a workshop to walk the customer through the entire process and the perks the customer would acquire on migrating their infrastructure to AWS Cloud. The customer was lured by the business case presented by ITTStar's proactive and professional team covering many areas such as accessibility, affordability, ease of deployment, scalability, security and most importantly the cost benefits. This is why the customer decided to 1. Take the cloud approach 2. Choose AWS as the solution and 3. Decided to partner with no other than ITTStar to implement the solution thanks to their deep knowledge and expertise with AWS.

Impact & Results:

  • Reduction in administrative time and hardware maintenance issues
  • Unparalleled scalability and accommodate growth without upfront investments.
  • Taking advantage of new opportunities.
  • Business continuity and minimize downtime
  • One of the primary benefits of cloud migration is cost savings.

About the Customer

With more than 158 stations around the world, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), a member of SATS Group, is a global air cargo logistics leader and best in class ground handling partner. WFS operates in 18 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The WFS group employs over 31 500 people and assists more than 270 airlines. With its unique combination of experience, technical expertise and know-how, WFS can propose solutions to meet the challenges resulting from today's fast-moving and complex airport operations, including audit, operational and strategic consultancy.

Customer Testimonial

They are professional in each and every activities.
From onboarding to support, they are well organized and doing a great job.

Balamurugan Jayabalan,

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