Executive Summary

Pre-paid Wireless Group (PWG) has chosen Amazon QuickSight for their data analysis, as it is a very fast, easy-to-use, cloud-powered business analytics service that makes it easy to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis and quickly get business insights from their data, and be able to discover data from multiple data sources such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena, and Amazon S3. QuickSight enables organizations to scale their business analytics capabilities to hundreds of thousands of users and delivers fast and responsive query performance using a robust in-memory engine (SPICE).

Customer challenge

There was an existing reporting platform in place using Power BI, which is not meeting customer needs with getting data to business users on time, Dataset refresh, Rising Licensing Costs, Large dataset performance issues, and limited sharing of reports and dashboards capability to users. Data Refresh was the biggest challenge, with multiple scheduled daily refreshes only bringing delays to seeing the latest real-time data. The customer has a lot of external/internal users who need to access data analytics, which is getting very expensive with licensing all the external users and controlling their permissions on the existing workbooks and datasets at multiple places.

Partner Solution

AWS QuickSight has been the savior to them with Pay Per Session model pricing, Embedded Analytics Capability, Federation of Enterprise Users from Active Directory to QuickSight, and blazing fast SPICE (Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine) Engine to do the lowest grain aggregations. Single Sign with AWS IAM Identity Centre has been proposed and implemented to solve the manual user maintenance and enable direct login from their own mobile app. Permissions Control for Dashboards, Analysis, Datasets, Topics is super-easy with Asset Management in AWS QuickSight. Dataset Refreshes are transparent to end users as they are super-fast, even for huge datasets

Forecast Analysis

Using Time Series Analysis, ITTStar was able to provide precise forecasts on subscribers' addition and subtraction to the total count based on the historical Mean average from the past.

Why AWS QuickSight?

  • The in-memory engine, called SPICE, responds with blazing speed

There are no upfront costs for licenses and a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Collaborative analytics with no need to install an application.
  • Combine a variety of data into one analysis.
  • Publish and share your analysis as a dashboard.
  • Control features are available in a dashboard.

There is no need to manage granular database permissions - dashboard viewers can see only what you share. Federated users, groups, and single sign-on (IAM Identity Center) with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Federation, SAML, OpenID Connect, or AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory. Granular permissions for AWS data access.

  • Row-level security.
  • Highly secure data encryption at rest
  • Access to AWS data and on-premises data in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

Why Pre-Paid Wireless Chose ITTStar?

ITTStar is an expert partner for data-driven innovation and has a unique approach to solving complex infrastructure and security problems using AWS. As an AWS Advance Partner, our confidence comes from our understanding of how to integrate AWS services into our solutions, combined with our broken-down approach to solving holistic business challenges. Associates spend time gaining a deep understanding of AWS and other technologies by studying and designing solution architecture. Members of ITTStar also focus on solving real business problems with a diverse set of clients, which prepares them for the successful delivery of client projects.

Impact & Results

  • Seamless login to users with Single Sign on to AWS QuickSight reduces manual login and maintenance of manual users in the application.
  • Enabled QuickSight Embedded analytics, helped users log into their business Portal while still getting the power of Analytics from within.
  • Make business decisions based on forecasted values of customer projection and churn results

About the customer

For over a decade, PWG Network Solutions has led the nation in providing mobile voice and data services to many of the nation's premier wireless providers. You likely have never heard of us, but you will recognize our customers. We are an industry leader and technology innovator of critical network services to wireless service providers in the IoT, Prepaid Wireless, Mobile Broadband, and Lifeline verticals

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