Virtual Healthcare Company

Executive Summary

RecoveryOne works with leading healthcare organizations to transform virtual physical therapy. With their personalized healthcare programs, they enable their members to get back out there' on their terms, reduce medical costs,improve workplace productivity and optimize clinical and functional outcomes by offering pathway placements, in-app sessions, and continuous monitoring and support throughout the recovery process.

The customer was looking for a partner who could develop meaningful dashboards to avail valuable insights and thereby provide actionable recommendations to their clients.

ITTStar leveraged AWS Machine Learning capabilities to develop this solution with a 360 view of the patient journey and their virtual physical therapy. Deploying this solution helped their clients to improve workplace productivity and optimize clinical and functional outcomes

Customer challenge

The customer wanted to build a customized statistical solution to gain real-time insights on various parameters stated below:

  • Health providers availability, schedule & performance tracking
  • % of scheduled appointments and status over a specified period
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Weekly patient enrollments and % of them placed in the Pathway Program
  • Operational gaps if any

Members’ feedback on their services to calculate NPS score, normalized PROM and Pain score, and to improve the customer experience.

Partner Solution

ITTStar recognized the challenges faced by the customer and came up with an integrated BI solution. Amalgamating various sources of patient data such as appointments, enrollments, demographics, feedback with health provider's data such as appointment scheduling, availability, performance review etc,ITTStar developed three different operational analytics dashboards using Amazon Quicksight which allowed an end-to-end visualization of the following:

  • Provider Network Real-Time Operational Dashboard
  • Weekly Client Operational Dashboard
  • Quarterly Client Operational Dashboard

Why AWS?

Data volumes are growing exponentially, and so are the costs to store and analyze that data. AWS provides a variety of comprehensive tools to help control costs,the costs of storing and analyzing all of your data at scale. AWS also provides the broadest and deepest portfolio of purpose-built analytics tools to get insights from the data from all kinds of data. The solution was designed to scale and support the customer to perform data movement, securely store and segment customer's data,build deep analytics. AWS S3, Amazon Athena & AWS Glue, AWS Postgres, Amazon Aurora & AWS Lambda were used for ETL. Further dashboards were built using AWS Business intelligence tool Amazon Quicksight.

Impact & Results

ITTStar’s unique solution transformed the customer’s business functioning in the following ways: :

  • Improved customer satisfaction by 88%
  • Achieved Net Promoter Score of 74%
  • Optimized recovery outcomes
  • Maintained program adherence by 85.6%
  • Reduced medical cost by 20% by decreasing post-surgical readmissions
  • Improved accuracy in tracking patient enrollments, appointments scheduled,health provider's performance, and other such metrics
About the Customer

RecoveryOne was founded in 2013 by Dr. Michael Oberlander,an orthopedic surgeon who served as a team doctor in various professional sports leagues. Using his knowledge of medicine and patient experience,he set out to reinvent the physical therapy experience for better outcomes and greater cost efficiency. His company's vision is to provide a platform to all individuals suffering from musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions or injury with adequate resources, motivation,and confidence to 'get back out there. They offer personalized programs to aid in their mental, physical and emotional recovery.Till date, they have recorded 1mn+ exercise sessions.