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Cyber Security Analyst

Job Description :-

As Cloud security analyst you should specializes in providing security for cloud-based digital platforms and plays an integral role in protecting an organization's data. This may involve analysing existing cloud structures and creating new and enhanced security methods.
Also as a Cloud security Analyst you will need strong technical skills, which may include experience with Linux and Windows operating systems, scripting languages like Python, and cloud provider ecosystems like Amazon AWS and also should have excellent attention to detail, and must constantly monitor systems to ensure there are no external threats.
You will often serve as part of a larger team dedicated to cloud-based management and security. A Cloud security Analyst usually work full-time in an office environment, with some positions requiring personnel to respond to after-hours emergencies.
As a Cloud security analyst, you will be responsible for managing information security for your employer, ensuring the internal infrastructure and network is secure and complies with regulations.

Roles & Responsibilities :-

  • creating cloud-based programs, performing threat simulations to detect possible risks, and providing security recommendations on topics like micro serve design or application development.

  • Planning security measures and controls

  • Installing and managing security software, intrusion detection and prevention systems.

  • Maintaining and monitoring security software and detection systems and updating software and systems where required.

  • Conducting security audits across IT platforms and networks.

  • Investigating incidents using security information and event management (SIEM) software products and services, data visualisation and pattern analysis.

  • Analysing and reporting on anomalous behaviour.

  • Recording and investigating potential security threats and escalating those findings to relevant parties.

  • Supporting information assurance processes and making recommendations for improvements.

  • Developing security policies and strategy.

  • Keeping abreast of latest IT security measures and controls.

Candidate Requirements :-

  • Past experience in a Cyber & data security role is beneficial

  • Knowledge and experience of using a corporate security incident system is advantageous

  • Proven experience of conducting security audits and raising incidents to relevant parties

  • Solid data IT security skills including SIEM

  • Expertise in data protection regulations and good knowledge of ISO 27001, the specification for an information security management system (ISMS)

  • Experienced in firewall and intrusion detection/prevention protocols

  • Meeting data security compliance policies and regulations

  • Following and developing data security procedures

  • Conducting data security assessments and reporting on security threats

  • Implementing end user controls across employee IT devices